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Margo’s Marvellous Relaxation Routine

My friend Margo and I had lunch together yesterday, and after I told her all about how stressed I’ve been with work lately, she shared some amazing relaxation tips. I thought it would be fun to pass them on so others can reap the benefits too.

1. Meditation
Margo spends 5 minutes every morning in quiet meditation. She says it works wonders!

2. Chocolate
I’m not joking about this. Chocolate helps your brain release endorphins, which in turn makes you feel calmer. Dark chocolate is the healthiest option.

3. Massage
A regular, weekly Nottingham escorts massage soothes your sore muscles and aching joints. It’s a great way to start the weekend.

4. Tea
The antioxidants in green tea can help prevent illness, and the lack of caffeine means you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms like you do with black tea or coffee.

And that’s her marvellous routine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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